The Best Stainless Steel Bird Cages for Sale on Amazon

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Dear Bird Lovers,


If you’ve read some of my previous articles (or if you’d just like to know more) you’ll know that I really like stainless steel bird cages. I think that they are one of the best choices for anyone looking for a sturdy, easy to clean cage. Of course, they aren’t your only option, but I tend to think they’re a great option for the majority of people.


Stainless steel bird cages are for sale in a variety of places, but today I’m going to be focusing on Amazon. The online sales behemoth is sort of a mixed bag when it comes to quality, and it really pays to do a lot of research when you decide to make a big purchase online.


Coincidently, I love doing research! So in the name of helping you find just the cage you’re looking for, I’ve put together a list of four of the best stainless steel bird cages I could find on Amazon.


Many of the best cages I found were meant for large birds, like a Macaw or African Grey. I found far fewer quality cages meant for smaller birds, so the first two of these cages will have bar spacing appropriate for larger birds.


But fear not! While today’s selection of cages is what I found on Amazon, I do plan to review stainless cages from other sources in the future. Hopefully, other places will have a better selection of cages with bar spacing appropriate for smaller birds.


For Big Birds (not the yellow one).


4. Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Play top Bird Cage


Our first cage is also the most reasonably priced cage on the list for large birds. It’s no secret that stainless steel cages can get expensive, but this one seems to be that elusive combination of well-constructed and cost effective!

Click on the picture to buy it on Amazon

This cage is about 23” wide, 22” deep, and 61” tall, so it’s pretty tall compared to other cages of a similar width. Reviewers for this cage universally loved the sturdiness of the construction and the quality of the construction. As an extra note, I really love the play top section of this cage! It looks like so much fun that I don’t know why more cages don’t include something similar.


One thing you may need to watch out for is that one reviewer claimed to not receive any instructions for assembling this cage and had to resort to construction it from pictures. I don’t know if this was an error on the part for the company that shipped it, or if that’s standard with this cage, but it’s something you should be prepared for if you decide on this cage.


You can buy it here on Amazon.


3. Heliconia Hideaway Stainless Steel Large Bird Cage

If you’re looking for an even larger cage for your large bird, then this next one might be just what you’re looking for! Measuring 36” wide, 24” deep, and 65” tall this cage is the largest on this list and has a similarly tall price point.

Of course, it’s by no means an unreasonable price for the size of the cage and the quality of material it’s made of. In fact, over the course of my research, I found an almost identical cage, except it costs $500 more and it had a smaller door! Needless to say, this is the cage I chose to recommend.


In general, the reviews for this cage were incredibly positive. The company you’d be getting it from, BirdCages4Less, apparently also has some pretty great customer service. One thing to watch out for is the fact that the cage has exterior feeders. I’ve noticed in my research that quite a few people find side feeders to be cumbersome and awkward.


Don’t let that completely discourage you from this cage though, some people have had great luck placing feeders on the inside of the door instead of on the side of the cage so you can try that if you’d prefer.


Here’s where you can get it on Amazon.


For Smaller Birds

2. Java Hut Haven Stainless Steel Small Bird Cage

These last two cages are listed as having a bar spacing of ½”. The half inch spacing is at the upper end of what you’d want for a very small bird like a finch or lovebird, and at the lower end for a medium bird like a cockatiel. Both cages would technically be good for both small and medium birds, but I ask that you use your best judgment if you have a very small bird. If you’re not sure, then definitely contact your veterinarian for advice, and monitor your bird closely at first to make sure their heads won’t fit through the bars.<


Now that that word of caution is out there, I have to say that the Java Hut Haven looks like a pretty swanky cage! Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s apparently a breeze to put together.


This one measures about 27” wide, 18” deep, and 56” high, so it has lots of room for a small bird or two. This is another cage with side feeders that some people may not like, and one reviewer was unhappy with the seed catcher, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons yourself if you decide you like this cage, overall it seems like a quality product for the price.


Get it here on Amazon.


1. Pawhut Dome Top Stainless Steel Travel Cage


This cage is kind of a bonus because it isn’t a standard live-in cage, it’s a travel cage! With a 13.75” length, 10.75” depth and a 24.5” height, this cage is nice and compact for when you need to travel with your small or medium bird.


This travel cage is definitely not suited for a large bird like an African Grey. One Poor reviewer on Amazon learned that the hard way. It always pays to look at the dimensions of something before making a purchase!


This is probably one of the highest quality travel cages you’ll find, way better than some of the dangerously flimsy cages you’ll find elsewhere! It seems like this cage is pretty easy to assemble, but the directions are apparently pretty minimal.


Special Note! For this cage in particular, but for some of the other cages as well, I recommend that you replace the smooth wooden dowel perches that come standard. Wooden dowel perches have been known to cause arthritis and inflammation in bird feet. Try natural wood and rope perches instead.


Find it here on Amazon.


A Better Bird Home


Stainless steel has always been one of my favorite materials for bird cages, and these are only a few of the options available. I hope that this article has helped you narrow down your bird cage options, but be sure to stay tuned for future articles. These four are by no means your only options for a quality stainless steel birdcage!


Do you (or your bird) have a favorite type of cage? Let me know in the comments if you do, I love hearing your stories.


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Until next time Bird Lovers,



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