The 4 Best Rope Perches on Amazon

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Dear Bird Lovers,


Welcome to Part 2 of my series of reviews for perches available on Amazon! Today we have a collection of the absolute best rope perches I could find on Amazon. In part 1 of this series, I tried to find the best natural wood perches on Amazon, (which ended up being much harder than I thought it would be) if you missed Part 1, you can read it here.


Next week we’ll have Part 3 of the series, which will be all about large freestanding perches. I’m excited for that one, I’ve got some pretty cool perches to show you!


Right now though we’re looking at the best rope perches I could find on Amazon and let me tell you, I had way better luck with this search than I did a few weeks ago looking for natural wood perches! There are a wide variety of cool rope perches on Amazon, so I collected the best (and safest) looking perches here for you to peruse at your leisure.


A Few Words About the Safety of Rope Perches


When I’m looking at a product that’s meant to be used by birds, I try to make sure to find (and recommend) products that are as safe as possible. There’s no such thing as a toy or perch that’s 100% safe from any mishap, in the same way, that people are injured every year while they’re using everyday household items.


There are a few things that I’d like you to look out for when you’re buying a rope perch, even if you don’t choose one of the ones I’ve gathered for you on this list. Never buy a rope perch that seems to be bound together loosely, a rope that isn’t bound together tightly can be a hazard four your bird’s toes.


Keep an eye out for anything that could catch the tiny tip of a bird’s claw when you’re buying any sort of toy or perch. Very often, birds who get a claw caught in something panic and injure themselves while trying to escape. Personally, I don’t like swings and perches that are held up by little chain links for this same reason. A chain link near a bird’s foot just provides too much opportunity to get a claw stuck and this goes double for ropes. As a rope perch ages and collects a series of bird-bites, the fabric it’s made of can loosen and become ragged.


Always replace a rope perch that has gotten old enough to start showing wear. It’s not worth the risk to those delicate bird claws. Bird claws aren’t the only reason to discard a worn rope perch, the loose fabric on an old perch is also a hazard if the bird decides to eat it. Many birds every year need to go through emergency vet visits because eating strings or fabrics has caused an impaction in their crop.


The best way to keep your bird safe, no matter what sort of perches you use, is attention and careful monitoring from you. Always replace old or worn toys and perches and monitor your bird to make sure they don’t have a habit of eating fabric.


With rope, it’s also possible to trim away any loose pieces and continue to use the rest of the perch relatively safely, as long as the main body of the perch is in good condition. The potential problems caused by a loose thread is also why you won’t find any rope perches that end in tassels on this list. All my perch choices have their ends safely capped.


Now that you know some things to watch out for when your rope-perch shopping, let’s get on with my picks for the best rope perches on Amazon!


4. Byrdy Cable Cross Bird Toy

By Aspen Pet

I really love this particular perch because of it’s unusual, highly versatile shape. The only reason this perch is down here at number four is that it has a low number of review, 56 at the time I’m writing this article.

This rope perch passes my initial quality check easily, it’s made of tightly bound, non-toxic fabric and all of the ends are safely capped off. That’s true of all the perches on this list though, so it’s not what makes this one really special.


This perch is so awesome because it’s made of four different branches that connect in the middle. The perch is made of soft, flexible rope so you can connect each of the four ends anywhere you want! Some people place it in a corner of their cage or vertically along a wall, but I prefer it placed at the top of the cage.


Placing at the top of the cage creates a sort of tree-top effect that I particularly enjoy, and provides easy access for the bird to all corners of their cage.


Things to watch out for.


Not much with this perch. There was one reviewer who was missing an end-cap, but I’m inclined to think that’s a shipping error more than a reflection on the quality of the product. Like I mentioned earlier, this perch doesn’t have very many reviews, so it’s hard to get a really objective look at its overall quality, but the reviews it doesn’t have are almost universally positive.


This perch does have a single one-star review from someone who was upset that their rope was destroyed by their bird in about a year. I suppose I understand why they were upset, but I think one year is pretty reasonable for something like a rope perch, especially if your bird tends to be particularly destructive. You should always replace your rope perch of it becomes worn enough to be a hazard.


I’ll let you be the one to decide if that one-star review was reasonable or not, but I decided to take that one with a grain of salt!

Check it out right here.


3. Bird Rope Perches and Bunge Perch

By Junsey

These next three perches require a little bit more care when you give them to your bird because they have a stiff wire running through the center to allow for more flexibility. That flexibility lets you position the rope in a variety of ways and also gives your bird a springy sort of swing to play on.


The added fun of these three perches does come with a little bit of a price. It’s a good idea to monitor your bird pretty closely for a while when you introduce this sort of toy that has a possible hazard like a metal wire. Also, make sure to inspect new toys to make sure the rope is wrapped tightly enough around the wire that it won’t catch their toes.


As always, but especially with a perch that has a metal wire in the center, please dispose of any toys that have become worn enough to be a hazard to your bird.


Our first wire rope perch is by Junsey and has a connector at each end so that you can attach it to any point of your bird’s cage. The wire in the center allows you to position the main rope into whatever coil or zig-zag shape you can bend it into.


The rope width of this perch probably averages around an inch in diameter, although that will vary from product to product. What I really like about this perch is the wide variety of lengths that are available. You can buy five different lengths for this perch, ranging from 21-48 inches.


Things to watch out for.


The number one thing to look out for with both of the wire perches is obviously the wire. If you receive the product and the wire is sticking out, send it back for a refund and don’t give it to your bird. Also, don’t give your bird a new toy and then leave it alone for the whole day, and then get all outraged when you come home to a destroyed toy with a wire sticking out of it. There are some things that are your responsibility as an owner and not the fault of the product.

There are some concerning reviews about missing pieces, or not receiving the right toy, but that was about 4 reviews out of 75, so you can decide if that’s a risk you’re willing to take. This perch doesn’t cost very much, so it’s a pretty low-stakes risk. However, if you’d like a similar perch with a little bit of a higher price point (but similar positive reviews) then I’d suggest this perch right here.


You can get the Junsey perch on Amazon right here.


2. Bird Spiral Rope Perch

By Aigou

I think that out of all the perches on this list, this one is probably the most fun as an interactive toy. The perch only connects at one point and is meant to go at the top of your bird’s cage. This is the second wire-perch, so all my warnings about wire perches from the previous item are still in effect for this one.


The wire in this perch allows for a springy swing like motion that many birds seem to really enjoy. This perch also comes with a small bell at the end for your bird to ring. According to the reviews, this perch is extremely popular with most of the birds it’s presented to and it comes in a range of sizes so it can be enjoyed by small birds and large birds alike!


This perch is available in a small size (52”), medium size (65”), and a large size (94.4”). While the small size might have a diameter that’s too small for large birds, as long as you buy the size that’s most appropriate for the size of your bird you should be okay.


Things to watch out for.


There were a few reviewers who mentioned that the rope was not wound tightly enough around the wire and so could become a hazard to their bird. I think that this might be a somewhat common problem for rope perches with wire in the center, and if you get a loosely bound perch, definitely return it and don’t give it to your bird. I only found about three reviewers who had this problem out of 139, so it’s not too large of a risk on this product.


You can get this spiral perch by clicking right here.


1. Comfy Perch for Birds


In the fine tradition of saving the best for last, I now present my favorite rope perch on Amazon! This perch has a simple design and good construction at a price that’s low enough that you could easily buy a few if your bird is particularly destructive.


According to many of the reviews, the wire at the center of this perch is much harder for a bird to get at than average, which makes it that much safer than other wire rope perches. It’s also just as customizable as other rope perches, and even more customizable than something like the spiral rope perch above because it comes with fasteners at both ends. It comes in small, medium, and large-sized diameters and lengths ranging from 14-36 inches.


Things to watch out for.


The biggest issue about the product itself that I found in the comments was that the capped end will sometimes pop off and need to be glued back on. You can decide if that’s a deal breaker for you or not, but this is one of the most cost-effective (without being an inferior product) rope perches I’ve found so a replacement wouldn’t be very hard to come by if you find yourself averse to gluing.


There were a few very alarming reviews on this product about birds who have injured themselves, mostly from getting their toes caught in the rope. These are tragic stories and worth serious consideration on your part, but I’m of the opinion that any risks involved with a rope perch can be mitigated with enough care on the part of the owner.


When you have a perch that’s as popular at this (over 1200 reviews at the time this article was written) you’re bound to have a few unfortunate incidents. Read the conclusions of this article in the next section for tips on what you can for to keep your bird safe., And stay tuned in the future for a review on some higher-end perches that you can buy if you’re looking to spend a bit more money.


Click here to get the comfy perch.


That’s a Rope



Rope perches come with a few extra potential hazards compared to natural wood perches, and they require a little extra effort on your part when it comes to monitoring and maintenance. That doesn’t make rope a bad choice for a perch though!

There’s no such thing as a toy that’s 100% safe, but there are some simple precautions you can take to protect your bird from injury. Always inspect rope toys before you give them to your bird and discard them if they are in anyway defective, or if the rope isn’t bound tightly together. Monitor your bird with a new toy, especially at first to see if they interact with it in a way that could be dangerous.


Watch your bird to make sure they aren’t chewing off and eating bits of material, crop impaction is an all too common result. Check your bird’s perch regularly and keep any loose threads trimmed away, discard a perch if it has become too worn to be safe. Keep your bird’s toenails trimmed so that they don’t catch on a rope perch. If you are worried about your bird’s safety with a rope perch, remove it from the cage entirely when you aren’t home to monitor them.


Your vigilance is your bird’s best defense against injury.


Rope perches provide a soft comfortable place for your bird to stand that’s easy on their joints. A wide variety of perches, including perches of varying textures and levels of hardness, are the best thing you can give your bird to maintain the health of their feet.


Head on over to this article right here if you’re interested in learning a little more about how bird feet work and why a wide variety of perches can prevent a nasty bacterial infection called Bumblefoot. When it comes to this particular article though the important thing is that the irregular shape and soft, malleable texture of a rope perch provides your bird’s feet with the comfort and exercise it needs to stay healthy.


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 of my Perches on Amazon series. Come back next week for Part 3, Large Freestanding Perches.


Until Next Time Bird Lovers,




P.S. Does your bird like rope perches? Tell me about it in the comments! You can also click on the social media icons below if you want to get first-hand updates and new articles and awesome bird info.




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