The 3 Best Large Bird Perches on Amazon

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Dear Bird Lovers,


Amazon has a ton of great bird toys, but if you’re shopping for a high-quality perch, they might not be your best option.


I have pretty stringent requirements for the best bird perches because the wrong kind of perch can be damaging to your bird’s feet, so when I started looking around on Amazon for some good perches I was mostly disappointed with what I found, but with a few good surprises.


For the most part, I found a that most of their large bird perches were either too rough, too smooth, or too brightly colored. It’s important to have a variety of textures for your bird to explore, but something too rough can be bad for their feet, and something too smooth is easy to slip off of. Certain bright colors also have a habit of scaring birds, and we don’t want that!


After an arduous search (Amazon is huge) I found a few perches that I actually really like, and I’m going to review them for you in a 3-part series of Amazon perches. This review is focused on hard perches that attach to the side of a cage, these perches are mostly for larger birds, But the perch in number 3 is available in multiple sizes and I also have a perch for a small bird included in number 1.


Stay tuned in the future for parts 2 and 3 of my Amazon bird perches’ series, which will be focused on rope perches and large freestanding perches respectively.


Also, because I’m not completely satisfied with the number of quality bird perches on Amazon, I’ll be doing a few other perch reviews in the future once I’ve done a bit more research and found some perches that are a bit more deluxe!


3. Bottlebrush Wood Birdcage Perch

From Birds LOVE


Bottlebrush perches are great for highly active birds who love to chew. Bottlebrush perches have a sturdy core of hardwood that’s surrounded by a thick layer of cushy bark. For bird’s who love to chew, it’s an ideal perch!


I particularly like this Bottlebrush perch because it comes in multiple sizes from small to extra-large, so it’s a good choice for any sized bird. This is a great perch to have as part of the variety of perches you should have for a healthy bird, but I think it’s a bit too narrow to use as a sleeping perch.


This is a heavy piece of wood and a few reviews have mentioned that the wood leans down a little toward the end of the perch, but it shouldn’t be a dramatic enough of an incline to cause your bird any problems. The leaning could also be caused by the washer that secures the branch to the cage. Especially if you have an extra-large bird. The spacing between the bars might be too wide for the washer provided so you might need to get a bigger washer yourself.


Some reviewers complained that the perch didn’t look quite like the picture, or was bigger or smaller than they anticipated. In my opinion, sizing issues are just a risk you take when you buy something like this online. These perches are made of natural wood, and you’ll never find two that are exactly alike.


A few reviews (2 out of 109 I think) received a broken perch or one with missing washers, but I believe that’s a shipping issue and not a reflection of the product. The company, Birds LOVE, apparently has great customer service so don’t be afraid to contact them directly if you receive a problematic perch.


You can buy the bottlebrush perch on Amazon by clicking Right Here.


2. Pacific Perch Beach Branch

By Prevue Pet Products


If you head over to this article right here, you’ll see that in general, I’m not a fan of roughly textured grooming perches. There are too many things that could go wrong for the grooming perch to be worth the risk for me personally. Some people do love grooming perches though, so in the spirit of inclusiveness, I decided to try to find the safest grooming perch I could.


What I found was this pretty neat Prevue perch. Prevue is a great company for bird lovers and they have a history of making quality products, so this perch caught my eye right away. Unlike other grooming perches that are made of potentially dangerous materials like sand or concrete, this Prevue perch is made of a mixture of limestone grit, calcium, and ground seashells.


Don’t be alarmed at that list, all of those ingredients are a soluble grit. Grit was once something many people fed to their birds, it was thought to aid in their digestion. While this might be true for wild birds, it isn’t really necessary for pet birds, but also won’t hurt them in small quantities.


A soluble grit is one that will be naturally dissolved by the acids in a bird’s digestive tract and can provide them with minerals. A bird with a well-balanced diet shouldn’t need the mineral supplement they get from the perch, but it won’t hurt them.


Parrots, in particular, will eat too much grit if they have it available, so if you notice that your parrot (or other bird) is chewing on and ingesting a lot of this perch, then definitely take it away and only allow them to have access to it for small periods of time when you are there to supervise.


If you really want a grooming perch, then I would say this one is your best bet. It has great reviews and it’s suitable for even very large birds, with a diameter approximately comparable to a 1 ¼ inch rope. Just to be clear though, this is a composite material and not natural wood, despite the fact that it’s called a “beach branch”.


You can buy this Prevue perch by Clicking Here.


1. Hard Wood Bird Perch XL

By Polly’s


This is another great natural wood perch, made of Dragon Wood this time. It shares some of the best qualities of the bottle brush stand at number three, it has a thick layer of soft bark for tearing apart on top of a sturdy hardwood core.


This one is also a big heavy perch, but it doesn’t seem to have the same tendency to lean toward the end that the bottlebrush one above had. This part is personal preference, but I also just like the color and texture of the wood more with this perch.


Polly’s hardwood perch has a lot going for it, but according to the reviews, the biggest benefit is its sturdiness. One Macaw owner claimed it lasted them for a whole year! This perch is wide enough to comfortably stretch the feet of any large bird, but if you have an extra-large bird like a Hyacinth or Harlequin Macaw then it probably won’t be wide enough to use as a sleeping perch,


I was able to find this perch in extra-large, large, and small. I couldn’t find a medium, but I’ll keep looking! These perches aren’t super long, they average around a foot, so don’t get one expecting it to reach all the way across the cage unless it’s a travel cage.


This perch does seem to be nice and wide though, especially in the extra-large and large. This one might be thick enough to use a sleeping perch for some birds. There were a few size complaints, some thought it was too wide, and others too narrow. Honestly, though, this is just a risk you have to take when you but natural wood perches online, no two pieces are going to be the same.


You can but this awesome perch on Amazon.

Click Here for the extra-large.

Click Here for the large.

Click Here for the small.


The Search Continues


I had hoped to find a good grapevine perch during this search, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. I found one, but I’m not sure I like it because it doesn’t seem to attach to anything and I worry about it rolling when a bird perches on it. It’s got some mixed reviews too, so I can’t recommend it, but here it is if you want to judge for yourself.


Overall I’d say I had to look pretty hard to find really good large bird perches on Amazon, so I’m going to save more reviews on perches for birds until another time. I will be investigating more specialized bird supply shops in the future so stay tuned!


Also on the books for the next few weeks are the second and third parts of my Amazon series this month. This was part one, where I looked for the best perches on Amazon, next we’ll have part two, about the best rope perches, followed finally by part three, all about bird toys.


Let me know in the comments what sort of perches you prefer. Did you like my recommendations?


See you next time Bird Lovers!




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12 thoughts on “The 3 Best Large Bird Perches on Amazon

  1. Delanee B Reply

    Great post Khiori! I never thought about getting my own washer to keep the perch sturdy, what a great idea! Having a larger bird I do get nervous about the wood leaning down, as I have had an issue dealing with this in the past!

    I love the All Natural Dragon Wood Perch, as I am familiar with the texture. I like that it comes in many sizes and the XL seems perfect. Because it is all natural and you do run the risk of getting a thinner perch, are you able to reach out to the seller and ask for a thicker piece when ordering?

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      I love Dragon wood too! Although the awesome name might have biased me somewhat. The actual brand for that perch is Polly’s Pet Product, they have a website you can go to if you have a problem with a perch. The Dragon Wood perch is supposed to be particularly thick though, so hopefully, you’ll be ok!

  2. Aria Len Reply

    This is awesome info! I have a friend that would love this because he’s building a bird sanctuary in his backyard and is always looking for new houses and things to add to his bird mansion.

    I also found this a great way to learn a bit more about birds in general since I’ve never had one as a pet or known anyone who had a bird as

  3. Gillian Reply

    Hi, your article is very informative. Thumbs up! I’ll be considering those things you have mentioned when buying in the future.

  4. Brian Reply

    I stumbled across this post and I think you have done a marvelous job at putting so many facts out there that will help people like me make a smart purchasing decision.


    • Khiori Post authorReply

      Thanks, that’s the goal! Well informed purchasing decisions lead to happier, healthier birds. 🙂

  5. Rob Reply

    Hey Khiori, I always liked birds. I don’t have one but I do know people who do. My brother-in-law always had birds and he would be interested in these perches I’m sure. They seem to be the perfect thing for your bird. You say that the birds chew on them which would make sense. I’m sure that they are comfortable for the birds to rest on. But how long do these last? I’m just curious 🙂
    Thank you!

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      Well, when it comes to birds, nothing lasts forever! Some birds are notoriously destructive when it comes to toys and perches. Even if they don’t destroy their perch it’s important to change up there environment every once in a while. Luckily the first and last perch on this list have hardwood at their core, so they’ll last longer than average. The Dragon wood ones have been known to last a year or more!

  6. Brandon Reply

    Great post!

    My mother absolutely loves her sanctuary in her backyard (and now partially inside). I think she would like the pacific pearch. I will be checking back for part 2 and 3!

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      I’m glad you found the article useful! Parts two and three are scheduled for two and three weeks from now respectively, I’ve got a special review scheduled for next week!

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