Parrot Training Advice – Must Have Books for Parrot People

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I’m of the firm belief that training is important for any animal that lives in close contact with people. Training for dogs is incredibly common, and some people even have the limitless patience necessary to train their cat, but training your bird is often overlooked.


Despite the unfortunate rarity of people seeking parrot training advise, I think that taking the time to teach your bird good behavior is one of the kindest things you can do for them. Far too many birds are abandoned every year, often because people won’t take the time to deal with poor behavior. If more people took the time to train their birds, I think we’d have far fewer abandoned parrots.


If you have access to one on one, in person parrot training, that’s obviously going to be one of your best options for raising a well-behaved parrot. Of course, parrot training can get expensive and not everyone is going to live somewhere that has a wide variety of parrot trainers. I assume parrot trainers are probably few and far between compared to dog trainers!


In that case, I’m going to recommend two books for you. The first book is a surefire good buy, full of good information and backed by a ton of positive reviews. The second book is for anyone who feels like taking part in a bit of an investigation, but I’ll tell you more when we get there.


Book #1 Barron’s Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot

Author: Mattie Sue Athan

Best for general information.


If you’re looking for a safe bet when it comes to buying a book on parrot behavior, then this is it! I’d go so far as to say that this book is a must buy for anyone who has a parrot or is thinking about getting a parrot.


Barron’s Guide is full of great information about basic bird behavior, body language, and great information about common problem behaviors in parrots. Plus, it’s full of some truly beautiful color photographs!


The biggest downside to this book, in my opinion, is that some of the content seems relatively dated. There’s not much mention of modern positive reinforcement based techniques, and the author seems to believe that the best way to train your parrot is to avoid forming a close bond. Many people believe that forming a strong bond with your parrot is the best way to train a happy, healthy bird, so I’ll have to disagree with the author on this count.


This book is for someone looking for an easy to read reference complete with some awesome photography. You can buy it here on Amazon.


For the best instructional book for training your parrot, I’d recommend this next book…


Book #2 The Perfectly Trained Parrot

Author: Rebecca O’Connor

Best for direct training.


This is definitely the book your looking for if you want a straightforward guide to better parrot behavior. The Perfectly Trained Parrot is full of useful information and detailed, step by step instructions.


Following the simple, practical instructions outlined in the book almost guarantees that if you patiently put in the work with your bird, you will get some positive results pretty quickly.


The Perfectly Trained Parrot is easy enough to follow that it will be useful to you even if you’ve never raised birds before but maybe a little basic for more experienced bird keepers. It also focuses almost primarily on training with food-based rewards, but if you don’t like that training style it’s easy enough to switch out food rewards for more attention based rewards.


You can get the book here on Amazon.


Book #3 Raising Polly, for my more Adventurous Bird Lovers

Author: Michael Joseph

Best all in one package? (Provisionally)


This book recommendation if reserved only for those intrepid seekers of truth who are willing to take a risk in the name of spreading accurate information.


You see, all I can really tell you about this book is that it looks good. It’s called Raising Polly: How to Raise a Happy, Well Adjusted Bird, and it seems like it includes some great information.


The website claims that your purchase (about $20) gets you two books, Raising Polly and Training your Parrot: 12 Simple Tricks Any Parrot can Learn as well an audiobook version of Raising Polly. The books are supposed to contain a plethora of great information about things like parrot behavior, training, common hazards, signs of illness, as well as feeding and care instructions.


The website calls all of this The Parrot Care system, and if it works as advertised, then I’d have to agree!

The only problem is that I can’t find any reliable third-party reviews of this product. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t find anything bad about it either. The site seems to have good authority, but somehow that doesn’t really make up for good reviews from real people.


So here’s my challenge for those adventuresome bird lovers I mentioned earlier. If you decide to follow my link and purchase this product, I’d like to ask you to bookmark this page and leave your own review in the comments section of this article. This Parrot Care system seems like a good all in one package, but how can we know for sure without hearing from real people?


You can buy the Parrot Care System over on their website,


If you’ve read my affiliate disclosure, you may know that I’m a big believer in the importance of accurate information on the internet. I believe we can come together as individuals to make ourselves more informed consumers.


Leave a comment below if you decide to take part in this little experiment, but otherwise, I hope you enjoy my two other book recommendations!


With all my best wishes,



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2 thoughts on “Parrot Training Advice – Must Have Books for Parrot People

  1. Kenny Reply

    Hi I had no idea a parrot trainer even existed, let alone there being books for them. Amazing explanation and so honest. Thanks so much, Kenny

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      I’m glad you liked it! I think it’s important to be completely upfront and honest when it comes to articles about birds. Accurate information is the best way to protect birds from potentially harmful information and products.

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