Hello Bird Lovers!

Today, we live in the information age, and that information (of varying levels of accuracy) is spread far and wide around the internet for any intrepid researcher to hunt down. It’s up to us as consumers of that information to determine if it’s factual and if it’s useful.

I believe that transparency in our actions towards each other is important for us as a society, and I believe that transparency between a business and their customer is the only way that we can be sure that we can trust that business’ information.

So, if you have a minute, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how this site is run.

This site keeps itself up and running through the use of affiliate links. What that means is that we receive a small commission if you purchase a product through a link that we provide in a product review.

Of course, this doesn’t cost you anything at all. An affiliate commission just means that the company we’re affiliated with gives us a small percentage of what the product costs as compensation for driving traffic to their website.

You could spend a great deal of time on this site and never come across an affiliate link. I do quite a lot of research, and I do my very best to provide accurate and useful information to my readers. If you’re only here for information, then you can avoid seeing any affiliate links at all by only reading articles posted under the “Informational” category.

Articles posted under the “Review” category will generally contain an affiliate link. You can identify an affiliate link by clicking it to see if it leads to a product or service. Remember, I don’t get a commission if you just click the link, I only get a commission if you like the product enough that you decide to purchase it.

I’d also like to assure you that I don’t post affiliate links to just any old junky product. I take the time to research every product that I link to and make sure that it’s both useful for my readers, and a high-quality product.

Scammers and disreputable companies thrive on keeping secrets from the people they are trying to fool, but we as consumers have the power to outsmart them and deny them the revenue they’re so desperately seeking by researching our purchases and only dealing with people we can trust.

If you have any questions about how affiliate links work on this site, or if you have reason to believe one of our links leads to a bad product, I encourage you to contact us at support@deluxebirdcages.com and let me know.

I really want to provide you guys with the best information and products possible, and we can do that together by being vigilant, smart consumers.

Yours Sincerely,


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