Feeding a bird

Feeding a bird

It is significant to feed birds with proper nutrition for healthy and contented birds. The seed diet is the best option for seedeaters. However, in the case of the soft bill fancier, one must take extra care as the requirements of the soft bill species are more challenging than those of seed eaters.

Vitamins A, B, C, and E are essential for birds. Vitamin A upholds healthy skin and feathers and is essential for young birds. Vitamin B is required for the central nervous system and vitality. Vitamin C saves birds from skin disease. Vitamin D supports the formation of bones and Vitamin E save birds from sterility and aids fertility.

Feeding a bird:

  1. Egg Shells for birds: Most female birds need a good amount of calcium for strong and tough bones, therefore, egg shells are significant for them. One can prepare egg shells as bird feed by washing a few egg shells, drying them up, and then baking the egg shell at about 200 degrees to 300 degrees Celsius until it turns brown. It should be ground into powder before offering them to eat.
  2. Fruits for birds: One can also offer fruits to their birds. Fruits like- Oranges, grapefruits, chopped raisins soaked in water, and apples are loved by birds. The owner should offer them fresh fruits to eat and clear the leftovers daily to avoid bacteria growth.
  3. Mealworms for birds: Many birds love to have mealworms in their diet. Bluebirds mostly prefer mealworms as food.
  4. Seeds for birds: Bird species mostly prefer seeds in their diet. Several seeds like Milo may not be admired among a few bird breeds. Therefore, it is advisable to buy mixed seeds for your bird’s feed. The sunflower seed is quite admired as a bird feeder. The black oil sunflower seeds are highly admired by birds.
  5. Suet for birds: Suet is an opaque form of fat that is found around the beef kidney and loin regions. One can offer it to his birds by mixing it with sunflower seeds, peanut butter, and chopped peanuts. Woodpecker birds love having suets.

One should offer fresh and clean water to drink to their pet bird. The drinking water of birds has to be changed regularly to avoid contamination.

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