feeders for birds

feeders for birds

Feeders for Birds

If you are thinking of buying a bird feeder then you must be aware of the types of feeders available in the market. It can be difficult for one to choose to best feeder for their bird. Feeders for birds are different in terms of the amount and type of seeds they can hold and the kind of birds that they can attract. Birds want feeders that are easy for them to access instead of good looks. There are several types of feeders for birds but some common ones that are generally available in stores are mentioned below:

Types of Feeders for Birds:

  1. 1. House Hopper Style –This type of bird feeder is quite admired by people because of its attractive looks and easy work. This feeder can hold pounds of seeds in them. It is mostly designed for birds that are hardly attracted to the hanging cylinders. This feeder contains ample perching provisions. This type of feeder is mostly placed on wooden posts. It is a good option for birds like cardinals.
  2. Hanging Feeders –This type of bird feeder is usually cylindrical and has large openings as feeding ports. This feeder has the feeding points covered with a wired cage to prevent the seeds safe from the squirrels. This feeder mainly contains sunflower seeds.

One of the hanging feeders is known as the thistle feeder. This feeder looks quite similar to the hanging feeder. The difference between the two is that the feeding ports of thistle feeders are quite small in size and can hold nyjer seeds.

  1. Humming Bird Feeders –This type of feeder for birds comes in a wide range of shapes. This feeder comes in very bright colors to attract lots of birds. This feeder contains syrupy liquid. Mostly, the syrup is a mixture of water and sugar. This feeder is a good option for birds living in warmer regions.
  2. Suet bird Feeders –This feeder is a good option for a variety of birds such as -woodpeckers, tufted titmice, nuthatches, and many more. This can also be provided to the bird in nylon or onion bags. This feeder is easily available in a bird pet store where seeds such as sunflower seeds are available. One can also design a suet feeder on their own.

The above-mentioned information will guide you in selecting an appropriate feeder for your bird. One should place their bird feeder at a place that would provide birds with easy access to the feeders.

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