Category: Birds

Category: Birds

Tufted TitmouseTufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse Some of the birds belong to the New World species of true tisane well known to the casual birdwatcher. The Black-capped chickadee and the Tufted titmouse are a common sight at bird feeders, and the latter is particularly familiar since, unlike the chickadee, it will readily use[...]



Nuthatches Nuthatches are the only bird’s ability to climb not only up trees but also down them, headfirst. No other bird can move entrees with such versatility. The method employed differs from that of woodpeckers and tree creepers in that the tail is not used for support. When climbing[...]

Tree Creepers

Tree CreepersTree Creepers

Tree Creepers Tree Creepers are small, mostly brown birds that are usually seen climbing steadily up the trunk of a tree and along its branches, and then planning down to the base of another tree to repeat the process. They have long toes with deeply curved claws for climbing[...]

White Eyes and Their AlliesWhite Eyes and Their Allies

White Eyes and Their Allies White Eyes are small greenish birds with white eye-rings—forage in gardens and forest edges and flock around bird tables in parts of Africa, Asia, New Guinea, Australia, and South Pacific islands. They have short, pointed bills and brush-tipped tongues, with which to collect nectar.[...]

Honey Eaters

Honey EatersHoney Eaters

Honey Eaters Honey Eaters all have a long protrusible tongue with a brush-like tip which they use to extract nectar from flowers. They are important pollinators of Australian flowers and many have co-evolved with certain species of plants. Otherwise, they are extremely variable in size and habits. They are one[...]