Category: Birds

Category: Birds

Bird Carrier

Bird CarrierBird Carrier

Bird Carrier What would you do when you have to take a trip out for a couple of days or weeks, without someone being able to watch over your birds? Nowadays, it is possible to bring or take your birdcage with you where ever you like. Your feathered friends[...]

Bird House Plan

Bird House PlanBird House Plan

Bird House Plan If you are a bird watcher and keen to learn the nesting habits of birds, studying a birdhouse would be a good idea for you. But you must first make sure of the type of bird you want to study as not all birds live in[...]

Angel Bird Feeder

Angel Bird FeederAngel Bird Feeder

Angel Bird Feeder Hey, do you want to add charm to your garden or yard? If yes, an angel bird feeder can provide that heavenly light to your garden! It holds an offering for the local bird population. Mainly, the garden angel bird feeder is for outdoor bird enthusiasts.[...]

Bird Netting

Bird NettingBird Netting

Bird Netting Apart from insects, the diet of birds also consists of seeds, fruits, and other plant extracts. Though their activities are exciting for bird watchers but may not be so for farmers and gardeners. Rather than being welcomed the birds are often regarded to be pests by the[...]