Category: Birds

Category: Birds

The Rook

The RookThe Rook

The Rook Rook origin and appearance Hailing from Eurasia, the Rook is a member of the crow family. The species has a striking resemblance to the Carrion Crow. The average length of the Rook is 45 to 47 centimeters. The jet-black feathers bear a blue or bluish-purple sheen in[...]

Caging Birds TogetherCaging Birds Together

Caging Birds Together Caging two birds together seems to be a nice idea for the pet owner but the same can become a cause of agony for the birds. There is always much apprehension about whether to cage two or more birds together or not. Although a cage with[...]

5 Best Talking Birds5 Best Talking Birds

5 Best Talking Birds Birds are the most attractive pets according to me. They are colorful little creatures that attract the attention of all visitors and family members. When I and my family decided to get a pet bird for the home we were very keen on getting a[...]

The Wild Turkey

The Wild TurkeyThe Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Turkey in history Endemic to the Americas, the wild turkey is a magnificent bird. The Aztecs domesticated this bird around the 10th century BC. They consumed its meat and used the feathers for ornamental purposes. It is recorded that the Aztecs staged a festival every 200 days[...]