Category: Bird Health

Category: Bird Health

Baby BirdBaby Bird

Baby Bird Young birds are broadly classified into nestlings and fledglings. Nestlings. Stay in the nest, are unable to fly, and cannot procure food. They are fed by the parent(s). Fledglings. Can leave and return to the nest. At first, their flight may be for a short distance and is not[...]

Bird ShockBird Shock

Bird Shock Shock usually results from some physical or emotional trauma, for example, being terrorized by a cat, and may be associated with blood loss, infection, poison, or dehydration. Shock may range from mild to severe, and can bring about total collapse, coma, and death. Handling a bird that is[...]

Bird StarvationBird Starvation

Bird Starvation Starvation is generally associated with wild birds. In most cases it is due to an injury, for example, a bird with a broken wing cannot fly to feeding grounds and a bird with a broken beak cannot eat. Signs Feel the breast of the bird. If the breast[...]

Bird PoisoningBird Poisoning

Bird Poisoning Birds are poisoned by inhalation, ingestion, or absorption of toxic substances. Caged birds in the home are often poisoned by inhalation of contaminated air, such as fumes from cooking oil and burning fat in the kitchen, carbon Monoxide emissions from the family car, fresh house paint, and[...]