Build a Bird Aviary – the Best Bird Aviary Designs

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If you’ve read some of my other articles, you may have noticed that I’m a fan of stainless steel bird cages, and it’s true that I would recommend stainless steel for a decent majority of bird owners

However, there’s never a perfect single solution to everyone’s bird housing situation. What if you need something more permanent for outside? What if you have a very large bird or even a large flock of birds?

At a certain point stainless steel cages become either too impractical or too expensive, and for those situations, I tend to favor a do-it-yourself approach. The key word here is “aviary” and the most important question is where can I get the best bird aviary designs?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “aviary” it conjures up some pretty fantastical images in my mind, things like a huge domed structure enclosed in glass and filled with exotic birds. I blame on my initial imagining of an aviary on reading far too many fantasy novels growing up, as well as growing up near one of the best Zoos in the country.

A personal aviary in your home might not be quite so grand, but you can certainly build a bird aviary that’s a magical place for you and your bird(s), whether that’s inside, outside, or even a converted room in your own house.

The Cost of an Aviary

It’s no secret to any bird person that keeping your feathered friend happy, healthy, and comfortable can start to get pretty expensive, especially if you own multiple birds. This is one of the reasons I favor the DIY approach to anyone considering an aviary for their birds.

Buying a pre-built aviary can cost thousands of dollars and although we all want what’s best for our birds, many of us just don’t have that kind of money to spend! Especially if you have a bird on the larger end of the scale.

So, in the interest of cost-effectiveness, I’ve looked around trying to find the best deal on DIY aviary plans (as well as some great DIY chicken coop plans) that are clear enough that nearly anyone can build one.

There are a few plans out there that you can get your hands on for relatively cheap, and if you’re very handy and have experience building things then those plans would probably serve you pretty well.

I’m not that handy though, and I was looking for something that practically anyone could use so I kept looking until I found what seems to be the holy grail of aviary plans over at Out of all the aviary plans I looked at this one was easily the best

So what’s the big deal with these plans?

So why is this your best bet for building your own aviary? The simple answer is because you receive so much more than just plans!

Below I’ve highlighted a few of the reasons I think this a great way to go if you want to build yourself an aviary.

  • Visuals I’m a really visual person. I work best with detailed, full-color diagrams that I can contemplate for a while before I start working. So it’s no surprise that my favorite part of these aviary plans are the detailed diagrams and instructions that include all of the measurements and materials you’ll need. Everything, and I mean everything you need to build your aviary is included here, even if you’re a beginner.
  • Variety point in favor of the aviary plans is the variety of options available to you. You aren’t getting just one plan, you’re getting at least five different plans with options for both indoor and outdoor aviaries.
  • Information  The most valuable thing of all is the information you’re getting along with the plans. You get over a hundred pages of detailed instructions, information on the adjustments you need to make based on the breed of your birds, methods to protect your birds from predators, details on converting a room in your house into a bird room, common building mistakes, plus much more than I could list in this small paragraph.
    One of the cooler things you get with these plans is a lifetime membership to, which includes access to an aviary book that gets continually updated with new tips and information.

So is this right for me?

Like so many other things, the answer to that is “maybe”. Any DIY project you decide to pursue is going to require some hard work on your part. That’s the allure for many people, you’re trading your own hard work and in return, you’re getting something amazing for about 20% of the cost of just buying a finished product.

If you’ve never built anything before and you decide to tackle this project, you have to prepare yourself for the likelihood that you’ll make some mistakes as you go. The fact is that most people will make some kind of mistake on a building project, even people who have a lot of building experience.

That’s actually one of the biggest reasons that I believe these aviary plans are a good purchase. So many people make a few mistakes, get completely frustrated, and then abandon a project forever. But these aviary plans are so detailed and thorough that it makes it much easier to recover from your mistakes and keep building.

I’m trying to keep this review short and sweet, so I haven’t been able to include all of the awesome features included in these aviary plans. If you’ve liked what you’ve been reading so far, then I highly suggest you head over to and find out more for yourself.


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10 thoughts on “Build a Bird Aviary – the Best Bird Aviary Designs

  1. Donna Reply

    Really interesting post. I like the idea of other types of cages aside from steel. I love birds, and in another life I would have been a very avid bird-watcher. Thanks so much for this article.

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      I’m glad you liked it. It’s never too late to pick up bird watching, I do myself!

  2. David Reply

    This post is packed with Information. This site is a must read for all bird lovers and I will be directing my friends to this site who are bird owners. Thank you so much Khiori.
    Best wishes Dave

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      Thanks so much! I do my best to put awesome information in all my articles :).

  3. Alison Reply

    Finally another bird person! I really like this article. I just have one lovebird and she stays in a cage, although not very often as she is out of her cage most of the time but I was thinking about an Aviary in the future.

    • Khiori Post authorReply

      I’m glad you liked the article! If she has to stay in her cage most of the time then a larger aviary might be a good choice. The aviary designs I recommended also has a section on turning a spare room in your house into a bird room, which could be another good choice if you have space!

  4. FreyaM Reply

    Loving this website, and especially this article! Very helpful, and extremely informative!

  5. Holly knudson Reply

    What a fun and informative post. This brought back fond childhood memories. My dad loved the Aviary and would take me and my twin sister there on Sunday afternoons. He also had parrots but never fancy cages unfortunately. Thank you!

  6. Khiori Post authorReply

    You’re Welcome, I’m glad I evoked happy memories!

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