Bird Table

Bird Table

Bird Table

Bird TableThe classic bird table is a simple, flat board mounted on one post. It is actually available in a wide variety of forms, from very simple to rustic (and sometimes quite awful) but the birds have no eye for what may please you and their requirements are very simple. Whether you buy an already-made table or make one yourself, following the basic instructions given here, is really up to you.  

Ideally, a bird table should sit securely on a firm post approximately 1.5 m (5 ft) above the ground, not too far from cover, but out of the jumping range (from walls and trees) of cats and grey squirrels. It should have a roof to keep the food fairly dry (the roof can also incorporate an afoot hopper) and should have a low surrounding rim to avoid too much spillage of food onto the ground below. Gaps in the rim or holes bored in the table itself will assist in draining off rainwater.  

Bird TableNuts can be strung from the sides and nut baskets and other feeding devices can be suspended from them. Many shops now sellouts repacked in inexpensive sausage-shaped bags and these have proved highly popular and very successful.  There is now an enormous range of garden bird equipment available, including food hoppers, tit-bells, windowsill trays, and so on, some of them incorporating several features at once and others with covered feeding areas accessible only to tits. Atilt bell which is basically some sort of inverted container for fat-based bird cake and the like can be made from half a coconut shell, an empty yogurt container, or even an old jam jar. Other jars of various sizes can be mounted or suspended horizontally and will provide excellent feeders which keep the food dry and all in one place.  

Bird TableSome garden birds, like wrens, do not come very readily to feeders, and although they may comet food on the ground they really prefer to feed undercover and in thick vegetation. Heavy snow cover greatly reduces their options, so be prepared to clear snow away for them and open up areas of undergrowth and hedge bottoms for them. Small supplies of minced meat scraps, fat, cheese, and ‘ants’ eggs’ can also be useful. A bird table is a feeding station designed to attract birds to your garden or outdoor space. It can be as simple as a flat surface or a more elaborate structure with multiple levels and platforms. Here are 10 paragraphs with information about bird tables:

  1. The primary purpose of a bird table is to provide food for birds, especially during the winter when natural sources of food are scarce. A bird table is a convenient way to feed birds and allows you to observe them up close.
  2. Bird tables can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or plastic. Some bird tables have a built-in roof to protect the food from rain, while others are open-air.
  3. It’s important to position your bird table in a safe and visible location. You should avoid placing it near walls or shrubs where cats could hide and pounce on unsuspecting birds.
  4. Bird tables can attract a wide range of birds, including sparrows, finches, tits, and robins. Depending on your location and the time of year, you may also see larger birds like woodpeckers or jays.
  5. Different bird species have different dietary requirements, so it’s a good idea to offer a variety of foods on your bird table. Popular choices include seeds, nuts, and fruit.
  6. Some bird tables have built-in seed hoppers or trays to make refilling easier. It’s important to keep your bird table clean and free of old food to avoid the spread of disease.
  7. You can also provide water for birds by adding a bird bath or shallow dish of water near your bird table. This is especially important during hot weather when natural sources of water may dry up.
  8. To attract more birds to your bird table, consider adding a bird feeder or two to your garden. This will give birds more feeding options and increase the chances of seeing a wider range of species.
  9. In addition to providing food for birds, a bird table can also add an aesthetic touch to your garden. Many bird tables are designed to be visually appealing and can enhance the overall look of your outdoor space.
  10. By providing a safe and reliable source of food for birds, you can contribute to the conservation of local bird populations. Observing birds up close can also be a great way to learn more about these fascinating creatures and appreciate the natural world around us.

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