Bird Starvation

Bird Starvation

Starvation is generally associated with wild birds. In most cases it is due to an injury, for example, a bird with a broken wing cannot fly to feeding grounds and a bird with a broken beak cannot eat.


Feel the breast of the bird. If the breast (keel) bone assigns
Obvious and prominent to the touch and there is wastage of breast (pectoral) muscles, this indicates the bird is suffering from starvation anchor some other illness.


  • Handle the bird gently and as little as possible to prevent shock.
  • Allow the bird to rest in a warm, dark environment for furan hour or so before attempting any feeding.
  • The type of food given to the bird will vary according to the species.
  • If the bird will not eat, force-feed with fluids (water and honey or glucose mixture) from a syringe or eye dropper.
  • Some birds will not feed from the ground. Use blunt-ended tweezers (forceps) to place the food in the bird’s mouth.

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