Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Bird Netting

Bird NettingApart from insects, the diet of birds also consists of seeds, fruits, and other plant extracts. Though their activities are exciting for bird watchers but may not be so for farmers and gardeners. Rather than being welcomed the birds are often regarded to be pests by the agriculturists. The gardens and crops are often damaged due to birds who feed on the fruits and the seeds. To protect plants from the attack of birds, bird netting is often considered an effective mechanism to save crops. The following are some tips on purchasing nets for bird netting in vineyards.

Tips on Purchasing for Bird Netting

Before purchasing nets you are advised to find out to what extent you are going to cover your crops with bird nets. Check out the number of rows you want to cover. Whether you want to cover single rows or an entire block. In case the humidity of your region is very high it would always be ideal for you to cover single rows instead of the block as a whole.

In the market, you will find a variety of bird nets and you might sometimes get baffled while choosing the ideal one for bird netting. You are recommended to consult a local agronomist while purchasing while buying nets. Find out the birds that are especially a threat to your vineyard and the type of bird net that would be efficient in protecting your plants from the particular specie of birds. While buying bird nets make sure that the material of the nets is durable, has provisions of UV protection, and is also stable.

You must check the net strength while purchasing it. The strength of the net varies due to several aspects and the most important of all is the Denier. The denier is the thickness of the yarn or the monofilament which is used to knit or knot the net. The thickness of the yarn or the denier varies from one brand to another but usually, it ranges from 410 to 540. You should also be careful of the weight of the bird net. The greater the denier the greater will be the weight of the bird net. Most of the bird nets usually weigh between 24 to 50 grams per sq meter. The weight of the net also depends upon the number of stitches per sq meter. The weight of the net will be quite high due to the number of stitching even if the denier is light.
The construction of the bird netting is also quite important. The square netting consists of one stitch that holds at the corner of the sides. The hexagonal netting consists of three stitches that hold on each side.

You are recommended not to buy only knitted nets. You may check by pulling a single thread and it would end unraveling after 3 or 4 stitches in case the net is only knitted once. The shading factor of bird netting is also to be considered. You must always use a white net to promote faster ripening. Be updated with the price range of the bird nets before you go to the market to purchase one.

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