Bird Heatstroke

Bird Heatstroke

Prolonged heatstroke can lead to coma, brain damage, or death.


  • Bird panting, beak open, gasping for air, initially, the wings held away from the body.
  • Distressed, uncontrolled, and agitated movement.
  • Often unable to perch or stand.


  • Cool the bird immediately by:
  1. Dabbing or spraying with cool water.
  2. Placing the bird in front of a fan.
  3. Administering cool water by eye dropper or syringe. Administering cool water by crop tube if you are an inexperienced handler.


  • Handle the bird as little as possible as further stress could precipitate death.
  • Be careful not to chill the bird when cooling. Stop the cooling process when the bird no longer displays any signs of heatstroke, or when the bird’s temperature reaches 40°C (104°F)


  • Do not leave the bird confined in a poorly ventilated Prevention
  • Area in hot weather, for example, exposed directly to the sun behind closed glass windows.
  • Provide a cool, shady area with access to cool water in very hot weather.
  • Take care if transporting birds by car in hot weather. Try to travel at night or in the early morning. Open the windows of the car a little way for ventilation and use their conditioner if the vehicle is equipped with one.

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