Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Bird FeederIf you are willing to buy a bird feeder, you should first be aware of the various types of feeders available in the market. On visiting a reputed store that sells bird feeders, you will find a variety of feeders for birds. They differ by the amount and type of seeds they can hold and the kind of birds that they can attract. Do not believe in the fact that the expensive feeders are more efficient in attracting birds compared to the cheaper ones. If you are willing to buy a feeder as house décor, you should be well set up with a handsome budget. Whereas, you need not have to worry about the price if you want only to watch birds flocking down to feed on the seeds.

Birds are not really experts in judging the architectural beauty of the feeders. They are more interested in how easy it would be for them to access the feeder in order to feed on the seeds. The following are the types of feeders that are generally available in stores.

Hanging Feeders – The hanging tube bird feeder is usually cylindrical in shape and has large openings as feeding ports. In order to keep the seeds safe from the squirrels, the feeding points are covered with a wired cage. This type of feeder for birds mainly contains sunflower seeds. There is another type of hanging feeder known as the thistle feeder. The shape of this bird feeder is quite similar to the above-mentioned one but the feeding ports are quite small in size. The feeder holds nyjer seeds. It does not require any squirrel-proof provisions as the animal does not prefer to feed on this variety of seeds.

House Hopper Style – This type of bird feeder is attractive as well as functional. The large-sized feeders are able to hold pounds of seeds in them. The house feeder is mainly designed for birds that would probably not be attracted to the hanging cylinders. These are specially designed with ample perching provisions. The hopper-style feeders are generally placed on a wooden post. This type of feeder must have a mechanism to baffle squirrels. Birds like cardinals are mainly attracted to this form of the feeder.

Suet Feeders – Suet feeders are able to attract a variety of birds like woodpeckers, tufted titmice, nuthatches, and such. The bird feeder usually comprises a basket coated with wire. The suet can also be offered to the bird in nylon or onion bags. Suet is easily available in stores where seeds like sunflower seeds are available. You may also prepare suet on your own.

Humming Bird Feeders – Hummingbird feeders are generally of various shapes. They are also of very bright colors so that they can attract the birds. The feeders contain syrupy liquid. In most cases, the syrup consists of water and sugar. Hummingbird feeders may not be able to attract birds throughout the year in cold regions. But those who are living in the warmer regions may be able to enjoy birds feeding throughout the year.

After you purchase your selected bird feeder hang or place it at a certain location that would provide birds with easy access to the feeders.

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