Bird Eye Injuries

Bird Eye Injuries

Any injury to the eyeball or eyelids should be regarded as serious and damage to the eyeball may lead to permanent blindness.


  • Seek veterinary attention immediately.
  • Keep the eyelid(s) and/or eyeball moist by holding a wad of cottonwood (absorbent cotton) soaked in water over the eye.


Because the eye is moist, the chlorine will adhere to the eye, Burning it and in some cases causing permanent damage to blindness.


  • Wash the eye immediately and repeatedly, using such techniques as:

– Flushing the eye with a syringe filled with clean water.
– Wiping the eye gently until clean with a cotton wool (absorbent cotton) ball saturated in water.
– Dripping water onto the eye from a saturated cottonwood (absorbent cotton) ball.

  • Seek veterinary assistance quickly.


Foreign bodies such as seed husks can cause permanent damage to the eye.

  • Wash the eye with copious amounts of water.
  • Gently open and close the eyelids to work the foreign body toward the corner of the eyelids or to make it
  • visible.
  • If visible, carefully attempt to remove the foreign body by wiping the eye with moist cottonwood (absorbent
  • cotton). In cases where the foreign body is accessible but adhering to the tissues, use tweezers (forceps) carefully.
  • If unable to remove, or if after removal the bird is very uncomfortable, seek veterinary assistance.
  • Seek veterinary assistance if the bird’s eye is closed and you cannot identify the problem

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