Bird Elizabethan Collar

Bird Elizabethan Collar

Bird Elizabethan Collar

An Elizabethan collar is used to prevent a bird from pecking itself, pulling out feathers, scratching or rubbing the head, or pecking a bandage or splint. Your veterinarian can supply you with a commercial type or you can make one.

  • Select a suitable sheet of firm plastic, for example, an. ice-cream container or takeaway food container.
  • Cut the plastic into a circular shape. The circle will have to be large enough so that when the bird’s head is passed through a hole in the center, the bird cannot take hold of the outer edge of the plastic with the beak.
  • Cut into the circle in a straight line from the outside edge to the center (radius). At the center, cut a circular hole large enough to accommodate the bird’s neck, taking into account that the feathers make the bird’s neck look larger.
  • Line the sharp edge of the neck hole with tape to prevent damage to the bird’s skin.
  • One person holds the bird while another fits the collar. If the neck hole is too large, reduce the size by overlapping the edges of the cut (radius). Once you are satisfied the collar is the right size, that is, the collar can be swiveled around the bird’s neck fairly freely and will not come off, and staple together the overlapping edges of the radius cut to secure the collar in place.


  • After applying the collar, check to see that the laird caveat, drink, and perch.
  • Make certain that the bird cannot get a foot caught in the neck hole, between the neck and the collar.

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