Bird Burns

Bird Burns

  • Burns are usually caused by chemicals, electricity, heat,, and, in the case of wild birds, forest fires.
  • Take the bird to your veterinarian. Deep or extensive bums require immediate veterinary attention.

Bird Chemical Burns

Many household products such as chlorine can cause bum, mostly to the skin.

  • If on the skin, rinse gently with cold water followed by washing with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

Bird Electrical Burns

Birds with powerful beaks, such as cockatoos, are more at risk because they can bite into an electrical cord.

  • Turn off the power at the switch. If you are unable to reach the switch, use a dry, wooden, or plastic stick to flick the plug out of the socket or the bird away from the source of the electricity.
  • Treat the bird for shock.
  • Take the bird to your veterinarian.

Bird Heat Burn

Extensive burns are associated with shock, fluid loss (dehydration), and infection.

  • Immediately run cold water gently on the burn from a hose or tap; if ice is readily available, apply for 19 to 15 minutes; or immerse the burnt area in a basin filled with water and ice. Keep the rest of the bird’s body warm to counteract shock.
  • Dry the area by dabbing gently. Do not rub as you may break the delicate surface of the bird’s skin.
  • Deep or extensive burns require quick veterinary attention.
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