Bird Attack

Bird Attack

Birds are often attacked by dogs and other birds but it is the cat that is the bird’s greatest enemy, especially in the wild. Cats can inflict puncture wounds with their canine teeth and claws. These wounds may look neat and clean on the surface but under the skin, the tissues may be badly torn or infected and the bones may be broken. Other wounds that may be inflicted by a cat include lacerations, feather loss, a damaged wing, and shock.


  • Shock.
  • Drooping wing.
  • Blood matted in feathers.
  • Lameness.


  • Minimal handling.
  • Control any bleeding.
  • Treat for shock by placing the bird in a warm, quiet, dimly lit environment.
  • If the shock has not improved within approximately 3 hours, contact your veterinarian.
  • When the bird’s condition improves, treat any fractures or minor wounds.
  • Using your fingers, carefully pluck the feathers away from the puncture wound.
  • Clean the wound with 1% peroxide solution. If the wound appears to penetrate through the skin into underlying tissues, take the bird

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