5 Best Talking Birds

5 Best Talking Birds

Birds are the most attractive pets according to me. They are colorful little creatures that attract the attention of all visitors and family members. When I and my family decided to get a pet bird for the home we were very keen on getting a bird that can talk and answer back. My kids were excited with the idea of a bird at home that they talk to.

I did a lot of research as to what are the best-talking birds that can be kept as pets. Finally, I ended up getting an African Grey for my home, and it’s an amazing entertainer. My children love to talk with birds and vice versa. However, during my research, I found that many other species of birds can excellently talk. Here is a description of 5 great birds that are great talkers. You can get one for your home after reading the details.

African Greys: it’s a type of parrot that has great cognitive skills. Don’t buy a very young African Grey as they only start talking after 1 year or above. They are fast learners and can remember vast amounts of vocabulary. The species is known for being sociable and intelligent. African Greys get attached to their owner very fast and get engaged in interesting chit-chat with them.

Amazon Parrots: Amazon parrots come in different varieties like Yellow-Billed parrot, Black-billed Parrot, Cuban Amazon, and plenty more. Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots are the best-known pet birds one can have. Amazon Parrots are great at mimicking human beings and often engage in comical interaction with their owners.

Indian Ringneck parakeets: Indian Ringneck Parrots are also known as Rose-Ringed parrots. Indian Ringneck parrots are also great entertainers as they copy human language fast. They are quite boisterous and scream aloud for the owner’s attention. Thus they are not ideal for apartments or condominiums.

Cockatiels: Cockatiels are small and sweet birds that are ideal as pets if you are keen on taming a talking bird. They are quite friendly with the owners. They love to talk and chirp. Cockatiels are very sweet while talking and hardly get noisy.

Hyacinth Macaw: taming huge Hyacinth Macaw is a little tough task but if they learn to talk they become great entertainers. A few Hyacinth Macaws cannot talk, so you should buy one that already knows to talk. Although they are the soberest of all the Macaw species but still have a louder tone as compared to other parrots. However, they are good at mimicking human voices and talking back.

You can take any of the species mentioned above as all are great at talking. Mostly all the parrots have excellent talking abilities and so prove to be great entertainers for owners.

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