The Rook

The RookThe Rook

The Rook Rook origin and appearance Hailing from Eurasia, the Rook is a member of the crow family. The species has a striking resemblance to the Carrion Crow. The average length of the Rook is 45 to 47 centimeters. The jet-black feathers bear a blue or bluish-purple sheen in[...]

Bird First Aid

Bird First AidBird First Aid

Bird First Aid Store the First Aid kit in a suitable container, readily accessible, portable, and marked for easy identification. Clean any soiled.  sentiments after use and if necessary restock the kit. Every six months check the kit to see that everything is in good working order; for example,[...]

Caging Birds TogetherCaging Birds Together

Caging Birds Together Caging two birds together seems to be a nice idea for the pet owner but the same can become a cause of agony for the birds. There is always much apprehension about whether to cage two or more birds together or not. Although a cage with[...]

5 Best Talking Birds5 Best Talking Birds

5 Best Talking Birds Birds are the most attractive pets according to me. They are colorful little creatures that attract the attention of all visitors and family members. When I and my family decided to get a pet bird for the home we were very keen on getting a[...]

The Wild Turkey

The Wild TurkeyThe Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Turkey in history Endemic to the Americas, the wild turkey is a magnificent bird. The Aztecs domesticated this bird around the 10th century BC. They consumed its meat and used the feathers for ornamental purposes. It is recorded that the Aztecs staged a festival every 200 days[...]